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Trending or Ancient?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In our modern world there is always a new health craze. And most of the times they are questionable. Yet we tend to follow the crowd and try it at some point, even if we don't like it- Remember when kale was put in every meal & drink during 2016?! ... Yeah, let's forget that.

Now that we've entered the 2020's, it's inevitable for unusual trends to hit mainstream media…. "like mushrooms in coffee?" you're wondering. Maybe… we’d have to go back thousands of years to fact check that though. The reality is mushrooms may not be as much of a modern-age hippie trend as it seems.

We know at first mixing mushroom powder in your coffee sounds crazy. Almost like whoever came up with that already ate a few of their own… but the truth is there is rich history and wisdom behind this practice.

Mushrooms belong to the family of adaptogens. Adaptogens are the components of herbal substances that help fight physical, emotional, and biological stressors in your body.

Sounds like magic right?

Our ancestors thought so too. And they used that magic often. There are documentations of it's use that go way back. To name off a few: The Greek physician Hippocrates, circa 450 bce, classified the amadou mushroom as a potent anti-inflammatory that could heal wounds. The alchemist Tao Hongjing, from the 5th century, described several medicinal mushrooms and their powerful properties in his writings. Even the early natives of North America used mushrooms as reliable wound healers.

If you felt like you just read an excerpt from a history book, we did too. But wait... how come this actually isn't well-known or well-taught history?

The sad fact is that western medicine has failed to pick up on this magic for centuries. Only recently has modern science started to acknowledge what our ancestors always knew. And for that we are celebrating!

The benefits are real. Adaptogens and mushrooms not only have the power to heal your body, they can clarify and calm your mind. Who wouldn't want to indulge in a cup of coffee that is reducing your change of cancer while also boosting your happiness?

That's why it's so exciting that the mindset around natural & holistic healing is starting to expand and the following is growing once again. We hope this indulgence isn't another forgotten trend, or lost practice for that matter.

We are determined to keep these blends thriving in our modern world while honoring the source of the magic. Sufi's Cup is here to stay.

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