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healing. indulgent.

For a cup like no other, it starts with healing and ends with delicious.

our ingredients


Adaptogens are a specific type of herb that help fight physical, emotional, and biological stressors in your body.


Trusted for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic 

practices, mushrooms are known for their mentally stabilizing and clarifying qualities.


Spices aren't only known for their flavor, they  provide many health benefits like fighting inflammation and reducing damage to your body’s cells. 

Hand using mortar and pestle grinding mushrooms
Woman in hat looking at lake and mountain

All natural

No artificial anything. Just adaptogens, mushrooms, herbs, and spices. Like your mother would want.


An overused word in this modern world, but it's true. When possible our ingredients are grown in real, chemical-free dirt.

Natively Grown

We respect our products' roots and the history behind them. That's why we purchase products grown in their native area when possible.

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our standards

Man holding a cup of mushroom coffee

my path to the cup

After discovering that my mystery illness was Lyme Disease, I was put on antibiotics. After 6 months my doctor said that's all he could do for me.

But I still felt like hell. The enemy was gone, but now I had to rebuild. So I started researching diet, adaptogenic herbs, and medicinal mushrooms.


Sufi's Cup was born from my desire to rebuild my body. This adaptogenic coffee supplement was created to support four important daily human health needs: Focus, Energy, Stress and Inflammation.

our story

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